A 25 year old passionate driven girl, logical head with a tendency to romanticize nearly every situation life throws at her. Psychology alumni from the University of Oregon, currently pursuing the search for her masters in social psychology researching relationships, mental health, anxiety & self esteem. Loves a good run, chocolate, traveling &  discovering new music whenever possible. Positive things happen to positive, proactive people. Email me at bwilcox3@gmail.com or follow me on twitter brit33


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  1. Welcome to Portland! My (ad hoc) organization recently landed a grant where we are looking at “Trail mapping” wild trails in the city. You may want to take a look at this: http://www.accesstrails.org.I, like you, am always in the search for a new place to hike, the wilder the better! Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information on trails to know if I can use them with a wheelchair. That is why I started this project! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful spring day!


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