B In Transition


As most of you know about my previous blog, I decided it was time to start an entirely new one based on where my life is taking me now. I am no longer a nanny in Sydney, Australia or a student at the University of Oregon, nor is my life as flexible for me to travel as much as I used to. I am in that so called stage of the 1/4 life, mid 20’s crises.

Yes, I said it. And everyone would be lying if they said they hadn’t felt it at some point or another. Whether right after college, in between jobs, living situations, financially or in and out of relationships. Well, I am smack dab right in the middle of it all and this blog will mostly be about these humorous, depressing, amazing, crazy adventures we call life.

I am a waitress, a two time job nanny and an eager future graduate student to God who knows which school! I am leaning towards the West Coast, somewhere in San Diego would be idealistic :) but sometimes life doesn’t always take you where you expect and I am learning to be okay with that.

I currently reside with my dad and step mom and am (still) driving my very first car I bought when I was 16 – just to paint a less opaque picture of what my life resembles. It’s all about the transition here, right?

On my days off I try to find a new hike, new waterfall or search for the nearest lake or ocean to clear my head and breathe in the fresh, tree filled, Oregon air. And when I’m not doing that, I am either running, reading, drinking tea or discovering new music.

I am on a new health kick, which I don’t want to call a diet plan, but a healthy living plan because I am keen to implement this type of lifestyle for as long as I possibly can. I believe in mind over matter and most of these posts will be about that, positive psychology, my eating plans, some of my workouts paired with good tunes for inspiration and a few rants here and there when the time permits.

For those that followed me on my last blog, this will be quite similar but with a different environment and me, B. In transition. Which everyone should implement, a transition to a better you, always.