Governors Ball NYC


To visit a city that never sleeps and simultaneously attend a 3 day music festival with a friend who lives in Manhattan, is a dream I never imagined living.


For those who don’t know me well, my soul is captivated by new music and is infatuated with artists, dj’s, unique talents and new tunes whenever I have the chance to get my hands on new material. A 3 day music festival in NYC was just the package of excitement to last me months of bliss.


The lineup for the Governors Ball Festival was beautiful


And every artist lived up to my expectations, if not, even better.

Unfortunately, my phone died a few times throughout the 3 days and I wasn’t able to get pictures/videos, so below are compiled images from the Governors Ball website and from my own iPhone gallery.

And because that there were so many performances, I will only be sharing my favorite one’s or the one’s I have recordings of.




Need I say more about this performance? With about 50,000 people watching his show, AND being somewhat close to the stage, Drake was one I will never forget. I have always been a bit obsessed with Drake since he was in that wheel chair in Degrassi. And he did not fail to impress. 5 stars in my book.

Full song

Florence + The Machine


UNREAL. With the new album How Big, how Blue, how Beautiful just reaching number one on the Billboard chart according to New York Times, you can imagine how BEAUTIFUL the British rock group was! Playing some of their biggest hits, Dogs Days are Over, Shake It Out, You’ve Got The Love, What Kind Of Man, Sweet Nothing & more, I was in a trance. Standing ovation for Florence + The Machine!

Charli XCX


While getting stuck in a hip hop/rap artist Future at one stage, Charlie XCX was rocking out at another. My friend and I just barely saw her perform her last song Boom Clap, and based off that one performance we were more than content!



ODESZA had everyone feelin’ themselves at the Gov Ball. They were undoubtedly under one of the most crowded stage areas, but worth every push and shove that came along with seeing this duo. Better live than I imagined. Huge fan.



Rudimental were energetic, fun, lively and worth every second. Such a fun set!


MØ was a crowd surfing, crazy dancing, brilliant machine.

I liked her before, and I love her even more now. My favorite songs she performed was her remix of the Spice Girls

Gorgon City 


So SO so good! I’ve been playing this duo in my headphones since I discovered them while living in Australia. They were great live and I would 100% be keen to see them again!

Rae Sreummurd


This performance was no joke. It was all fun and games until Slim Jimmy fell off the stage and cut his leg open. I kid you not, I won’t post the picture here because it is disgustingly gruesome, but if you check out their instagram page @raesremmurd and scroll down a bit, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Apparently he slipped off the speakers and fell into a glass spotlight front stage. Immediately, we see him being led off by a big security guy back stage and Swae Lee had to continue the show without him. I was impressed at how well they did considering what happened, the crowd loved it and everyone hopes Slim Jimmy recovers soon!



Deadmau5 performed last on Saturday night, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. The set started off really well and then it all fell apart. No sound. No nothing. Soon enough, the mouse head came off, and it was clear this was not apart of the performance. People started to leave and it was sad to witness. In the end, it all came together and the crowd was happy again. All in all, I’m sure it was a good performance, but we left early to catch the ferry back to Manhattan to beat the crowd.



You think Lady Gaga is weird? Björk might just be far more intriguing. Selling over 20 million albums worldwide, she is known for her unique voice, deep lyrics and innovating ways of creating music.

Want to see her in all her eccentricity? View here:



One of my favorite aussie DJ’s, Flume was great! I think I may have been more excited than most of the crowd, but I have been an avid fan of his since discovering him in Aus. More than happy with his performance!




A Maryland rapper with more talent than he knows what to do with, astounded me. Only video’s will show a small snippet of what he is capable of, I think he may be one of my top 5 favorite rappers now. And trust me, my list does not budge so easily.

Already having headlined 3 national tours and released 3 mixtapes before his UNDER PRESSURE mixtape, this 25 year old has only just begun.

Marina & The Diamonds


Words cannot express the pure joy I had when seeing this woman perform. This British babe outdid herself. She was even better live than listening to her on iTunes. I swear on it. She’s a natural entertainer and lyrically talented, writing about love, life, boys and real life situations that nearly everyone can relate to. I will no doubt see her again.

Primadonna girl was amazing!

Lana Del Ray


This woman is everything.

There were some technical difficulties with the sound, but the crowd was in a trance. I had a religious experience (having to leave for the restroom and getting separated from my group). So there I was, standing with a group of strangers, listening to one of the most influential musicians that has my whole heart. She swayed back and forth while she sang, making her way towards the crowd a few times and everyone was singing to her lyrics.



I didn’t include everyone, due to length of this post, but the line up for Governors Ball 2015 was amazing and to be in the middle of New York City to experience it was worth every penny.


I will be updating my personal playlists on SoundCloud and Spotify here soon and will update if anyone’s interested :)


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