Every Girls Dream | PSL’s & Rocksbox

rocksbox, starbucks, pumpkin spice latte, psl

Fall is peeking its shy face out from around the corner, I can smell the pumpkin spice latte’s, witness the trees transforming from their luscious greens to patches of gold, yellow and ruby red hues. Jumpers and zip ups trying to make a comeback, yet the weather is desperately grasping onto summers final days.


Regardless of the season, Rocksbox has been impeccable for adding sass and flavor to my outfits. Celebrate fall, grab yourself a latte and go to Rocksbox.com, add my code bwilcox3xoxo to get your first box for free. I’ve been praising this company and the jewelry to my sisters, my coworkers and friends so I wanted to share my excitement with anyone else who wants to change up their style a bit for the perfect price.





Pumpkin spice latte cheers to finding this charming company and the breathtaking jewelry that comes with it.

Goodbye summer, you’ve been glorious



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