Hiking Alone

Have I mentioned how beautiful the state of Oregon is yet? It's a beauty incomparable. The drive alone was enough to clear my muddy thoughts, windows down, 8am, heat blasting and happy music blaring.. I was in my element. Driving by pastures of cows and sheep, winding ways bordered with trees newly colored with orange, reds and …

B in Transition Tunes

Some tunes just for you, from my personal Spotify playlists xx spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:2AgMoSbPhvQWmTZ7NLEsPz spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:6Cl3xS3t2veCOef1YQVasF spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:5mQ53VISXPb8ptIIDWYjHy