Hiking Alone


Have I mentioned how beautiful the state of Oregon is yet? It’s a beauty incomparable. The drive alone was enough to clear my muddy thoughts, windows down, 8am, heat blasting and happy music blaring.. I was in my element. Driving by pastures of cows and sheep, winding ways bordered with trees newly colored with orange, reds and yellow autumn tints, acres upon acres without a soul in sight. Losing reception at just the right time. I was purely alone. No one else. Just me and my little car.


If I had to paint a picture of what was going on in my little two door car this morning, it would look like this; head bobbing, hand out the window, soaking in the October sunshine, smile plastered on my face without a care in the world. https://soundcloud.com/wonderwondermusic/body-gold A pro about hiking alone… You can listen to the same song a million times in a row, singing as loud as you can and there is no one around to judge!

I had been anxiously wanting to go on a hike these last few weeks. My sister and I usually team together and find secret places not many have seen or touched.

Well… In life, you learn that sometimes schedules coincide and you either take the plunge alone or miss out all together. Therefore, I went alone.

Hello Butte Falls!

I have always been quite independent, I like to do my shopping alone, run alone, read, write, clean alone. But I do draw the line at public outings alone. I’ve always had the idea in my head that going to a movie or a restaurant alone is a social taboo. What, do you want to look like a loser freak all by yourself without a date? I think not! Until recently. I know plenty of people who go out to eat and sit down at a restaurant alone, hell, as a waitress I see heaps of people doing it. And movies, I have never taken the leap to see one alone yet, but it’s on my to do list. Today, I ticked one off that I’m quite proud of, hiking alone.

As a girl, I know that it’s not the safest decision to wander into a forest unaccompanied, but if you’re smart about it, pack enough food, water and leave at a reasonable hour and look into safer locations, let someone know where you are, I think it’s perfectly fine.

Butte Falls, Oregon

The only cons I could come up with when hiking by yourself were:

  • Spider webs, you walk through them all
  • No one to talk to
  • No one to appreciate the beauty with
  • A tad scary

When you’re surrounded by nature with no cell service by yourself, all these freaky situations crossed my mind, a bear eating me, being bit by a poisonous animal, falling off a cliff, and no one would be there to help you, or even know that was even happening!!

Thankfully none of those silly things happened, I survived and feel wonderfully refreshed this Tuesday morning. I quite recommend trying this out! Hike alone and appreciate the beauty around you, without the distraction of your phone or others, I promise it’s worth it. xx

12 Replies to “Hiking Alone”

  1. Butte is such a gorgeous hike!! I agree with you 100% on this. While I thoroughly enjoy hiking with my husband and/or friends, there is something about taking some “me” time and hiking solo that is incredibly rewarding.

    1. Exactly my thoughts on it!! I felt a strange sense of comfort exploring alone and being left with my thoughts! Love hiking with loved ones but going alone is a must at some point for sure :)

      1. Ahh so sorry, I was accidentally logged in via my work blog!!!

        Yes! It is so being able to explore on your own. The feeling of independence is such a great feeling.

  2. Oh my gosh these pictures are gorgeous! I’m one of those people that likes to go out on their own too. You’re lucky to live in such a gorgeous place I’ve never been west but I’m dying to go.

    1. Aww thank you! I set off early before work to explore with my camera, Oregon truly is such a beautiful state! Definitely worth experiencing anytime of the year :)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful posting! I have only recently (at age 52 1/2 and almost 100 pound weight loss) found the absolute joy in solo hiking. well, frankly in hiking at all. but I go alone every weekend and get to some remote locations although someone always knows where I am !
    You are a talented photographer!
    Have a great weekend

    1. You are very welcome!! I love that you find joy in hiking and congratulations for the weight loss, that is absolutely incredible!! Thank you for the photographer comment, that made my day! Hope you have a great weekend as well :)

      1. Thank you! It means a lot that you reply to a follower! Headed to Triangulation Peak tomorrow, this time with 3 other people. Should be fun!
        If you ever need a hiking partner, do let me know!

      2. The hike to Triangulation Peak was a stunner! My first summit! I am 52 years old, and have lost 99 pounds (as of today) so this is a very new life-style (which I have always wanted to live!)
        When you get a chance to do it, I totally recommend Triangulation Peak.

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