Enjoy Life

enjoy life

Just a little reminder…

To those who are in-between jobs, goals, hardships, financial situations, and/or future life ambitions… this is your TRANSITION phase. Whichever phase you are going through, it will not last forever. Society may have a structured timeline to how all of us should live our lives, education, marriage, a house, a family, but there is no such thing as a structured, set plan for all of us. We are all sacred, unique individuals with extraordinarily different paths, both full of joys and misfortunes. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should be anywhere than where you are at now. And be understanding, do not judge others who are not where you are, and maybe that will make our transition phases a whole lot smoother.”Kindness Live in these “in-between stages,” appreciate the struggle, rejoice in your imperfections and your mistakes, for when you reach your ambitious, well deserved goals, when you full heartedly worked your butt off to get to that place you’ve dreamed about, that will be beautiful. That will be the moment where you truly live. And although we set these life goals and aspirations, we should always search for the next mission that will ultimately lead us to become better humans. Kinder, smarter, generous, hard working, happy humans. happy Always B in Transition to a better you! And don’t forget to live in the now, no matter what stage you may be at. “All you have to do, is live and die…everything else is optional.” Your measure of happiness depends on you. xx

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