How to Look and Feel Pretty, Naturally


I can’t be the only one here.

Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds without running into heaps of beautiful models, makeup tutorials, fashion icons and lavish travel websites on the daily. Convincing us that by completing steps 1, 2 and 3, spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products, fragrances, lotions and name brand makeup will bring us one step closer to reaching our #instafamous #makeupgoalz #bodygoals or simply transform us into looking like clones of Kylie Jenner, with the handcrafted contouring, playful pout along with the social media success all tied in with money beauty and fame.


At the tender age of 26, I am starting to notice my late teen, early 20’s glow that seems to be a tad bit harder to maintain than before. All of a sudden, eating an entire pizza by myself, having a few glasses of wine, skipping the gym for a week, or not getting enough z’s really makes a difference in my appearance and mood. The social reminder that I’m not getting enough sleep or perhaps falling off the train of self care (gym, healthy eating, mindfulness) is the ever-so-lovely statement, “Oh wow, you look tired.” In other words, ‘you look like someone who was dragged, kicking and screaming out of hades.’ It’s sweet really, reminding me that not only does my body feel a difference, but others notice on my face sooner than you’d imagine.


Well baby girl, I’m here to tell you the simple steps to looking beautiful, naturally and holistically. And truthfully, it is nothing we haven’t heard before, but occasionally, we need a refresher and a light spritz of Sephora/Ulta/drugstore affordable finds that highlights our already beautiful, genetically predetermined temples.

Internal Beauty

  1. Sleep*
  2. Hydrate
  3. Learn to de-stress*
  4. Meditate*
  5. Exercise
  6. Organize
  7. Eat nutritious meals (your body is a temple, not a rubbish bin)
  8. Socialize
  9. Simplify
  10. Be kind, always*

Sleep | When I don’t get sleep, the people around me seem to suffer the most. 1 in 3 people in America do not get enough sleep. Humans vary in sleep requirements, but most need at LEAST 7 hours of sleep at night to repair the body naturally overnight.“Research has shown lack of sleep is associated with greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and other chronic conditions.”

Sleep repairs the brain, the eyes, hormones, skin, immune system, breathing, the digestive system and more. Prioritize sleep. It’s wildly underrated. Interested in more? What Happens to Your Body While you’re Asleep 

Learn to de-stress| This can be anything from engaging in a favored hobby, going for a run, playing Pokemon Go, removing yourself from a screen, playing football, basketball, having a cup of tea, coffee, reading a book, walking your dog to being fully present wherever you are in that moment. For me, I enjoy making To-Do lists on the daily to help organize my priorities and jumbled thoughts. Reading, running and writing are gratifying for me, clearing my mind and the ability to engage in creativity soothes my overanxious mind and calms the heart.

Meditate | This topic varies in interest, relaxation and religion. My favorite book from Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now, describes being present, and realizing deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Our busy minds are forever thinking about the next step, how to make more money, how to work harder and how to shove more things into our already-daily-packed lives to make us feel more successful, when success is truly being content with your mind, body and soul by reconnecting with the present moment. Even 3 minutes of intentional thinking of absolutely nothing is immensely difficult and surpassingly rewarding.

Be kind, always | True beauty radiates from within. Compassion is so often the solution.


External Beauty

Now that we’ve covered the root of beauty | inner beauty | here are a few affordable finds to highlight your already-beautiful self.

For those that do not know me well, I am a woman of comfort and simplicity. If I can get out of the shower and let my hair air-dry without looking homeless or shower-less, I win! And I often stick to that trend, especially when the summer air dries my beachy waves naturally, chemical free and heat free.

IMG_0335 (1)


Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene Pro-v, Pureology, or John Frieda $4-$28+

Dry Shampoo: Psssst! for about $7 (Hands down my favorite) or batiste dry shampoo for $6

Curling Spray: John Frieda for loose curls with virtually no frizz and the best smell and flexible hold $6

For hair cut and color: I go to the hair goddess of all time Rylee in Salem, Oregon | The only woman I trust my wild, beachy balayage hair with!

Make Hair Apt Here


Deodorant: Dove advanced care $4.40 that leaves you with moisturized under arms with a soft, feminine aroma.

Perfume: Dolce is my signature scent, again, soft and sensual. Definitely not overpowering at all $70-$160 depending on size.

Body spray/lotion: Victoria Secret Sheer love is a beautiful scent and great moisturizer/body spray. Fresh, fruity, light and happy. Favorite summer smell $10 + depending on size.




I have ALWAYS been a fan of Clinque, their lotions, face wash and makeup line is a high quality brand and affordable. Due to hormone imbalance, my face has had it’s fair share of breakouts, redness and uneven skin. Clique acne solutions soothes and heals acne when applicate and gives a moisturized glow and beautiful coverage $27

BareMinerals has been my favorite powder since I was in high school and their brush promises medium to full coverage depending on preference and never leaves me with an embarrassing makeup line. Whenever I wear it I always get compliments on my skin and how well it matches.



Eyebrows: There is nothing more important than the eyebrows. Especially in 2016. Eyebrows frame the face, and can make a fashionable statement with brows alone. It has taken me many, many months to achieve full brows (thanks to genetics too) and not over plucking. To keep the shape and color, my favorite eyebrow pencil I use DAILY is by Anastasia that is a little bit pricey but lasts me several months and with fleeky brows and an overuse of Snapchat $23

Brow Gel: Maybelline brow gel to hold brows in place $6

For a fresh start on your brows, I recommend Monica Ninh in Portland, Oregon. That woman can do no wrong when it comes to keeping your full shape, waxing, brows and tint!

Make brow appointment here


Better than Sex from Two Faced has been my favorite mascara to date, delivering full, intense lashes that remain soft and put throughout the whole day $23

And when I’m not in the mood to spend over $23 on mascara, Lashblast Volume from Covergirl is a close runner-up at $7.

Eye Shadow

I favor Clinque’s eyeshadows that bring out my hazel eyes, Bareminerals sandy colors are both beautiful, shimmery and very natural $15

Lastly and most importantly, practice self love, confidence and compassion

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”




Positive Things Happen to Positive People


I totaled my car a few weeks back & cracked a cute little rib, so I ordered pizza last night, had heaps of tea and watched meaningful movies on Netflix trying to find an easy fix for comfort from my fuzzy zebra blanket, a hot cuppa and background noise from the television, drowning out the worries and stress bubbling and bouncing from the corners of my brain.

I allowed myself two full days to entirely dip my feelings and baby my emotions, then swallowed my doubts and fears this morning and put my energy into something worthwhile.

I started taking classes to help me prepare for the GRE for graduate school! As long as you’re in transition to improve your life, that’s all that really matters.

And now I’m trying to fit my winter body into some swimmers for new digitals at my agency. I’m smiling because I am happy I’m alive.

Positive things happen to positive people.

And as long as you centralize your dreams and passions, work hard and choose optimism instead of crippling underneath the heavy, formidable, uninviting sadness and fear that seems to linger and reappear at the most inconvenient times, you will be okay.


New year, new experiences and new perspectives. Thank you for everyone who has been there for me, I am so lucky and so loved.


Surrounding yourself with good people, nature, good music, good books and challenge yourself in ways you never thought you could, it’s beautifully refreshing.




Them Feels


We live in a generation of humans who are flirting with the idea of being together, yet 100% available. In case something better comes along. Yet, the unspoken rule is that you can no longer date anyone else, because that would be similar to cheating, yet, we see it all the time. Hence the reason we often find ourselves unsure of our relationship status until we have “the talk”. These stipulations of being together yet single, but also expectations to not see anyone else can be disheartening. And honestly, super confusing.

It’s convenient for the one’s who are trying to play the field and not wanting to get into anything serious. But what about the other player in The Game? The one getting unavoidably attached and getting their hopes up for a potential relationship?

Because truly, how embarrassing is it to show that you actually care and have your pride utterly crushed.


What a way to live right?

And don’t believe the “I’m So Busy” excuse. People make time for the things that they want.

Feelings come and go like waves when it comes to dating, but delving into the biological and societal background of why and how we experience emotions outside of the newness of relationships is what I find intriguing. I am interested in what “normal emotions” look like in daily life, excluding the dating scene. As a psychology major, there should be no surprise that I gravitate towards science when it comes to relationships and compatible personality traits. There are a variety of different “feelers” out there. What I mean by that, is that there are personalities that are studied to help you better understand your emotional wellbeing and learn to adapt to other personalities that seem to clash with your own. I took the test below and got ENFJ, extraverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting, and assertive.

Free Personality Test

This information helps me understand how my feelings affect my daily decisions, while enlightening me how my brain works when it comes to my emotions, and how to possibly navigate these feelers before I succumb to the overwhelming confusion and anxiety they often carry with them.

Because of my “intuitive and feeling” characteristics, I tend to absorb other people’s emotions and find ways to please them, putting others before myself. Which can be a wonderful trait, but sometimes I find myself bending over backwards, draining myself, physically and emotionally, whether it’s with work, relationships or friendships. I absentmindedly go overboard trying to please everyone until I am worn and physically ill. Generating a colossal breakdown at the most inappropriate of times, like the workplace, somewhere in public or to stranger with an open ear. After bottling those emotions for months on end, it leaves me wondering why I feel so depressed, sensitive, angry, crazy and lost.


The Psychology Of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts couldn’t express emotional states any better than this;

“An emotional state is a very complicated thing. If someone knew completely their emotional state, they would know everything they were feeling right then. Then they wouldn’t really have any “unconscious” emotions, because they would be perfectly conscious of what they were feeling. But then again, it is impossible to feel the full force of all your feelings at once, so it is not possible to be completely conscious of all your feelings. Your unconscious feelings must be dimmed down, or only large in a way that isn’t completely conscious. Like you know you have a large emotion, but aren’t in touch with it.

Emotional states are complicated, it would be easy to say, “my emotional state right now is really messed up” because that is what emotional states are like, people have several emotions they are experiencing all the time, it is just hard to identify that this is occurring because I would say that people can only identify when they have a large, clear emotion that they can understand.” 

When you hit rock bottom, there is no better time to fully rebuild yourself and use your emotions as guidance and useful signs, rather than to write them off as psychotic or crazy.


Why was I feeling angry? Possibly frustrated at myself for taking on too many hours, 85+ a week, with too many jobs. Leaving myself grasping for hours to chase sleep or have enough energy to exercise. I exposed myself to unrelenting pressure, allowing my emotions to burst into vulnerable sadness, tender from the rawness of pure exhaustion, letting my immune system weaken and leaving me sick for multiple weeks in a row. No amount of money is worth that!!

Trying to figure out a way to build a solid foundation for your future in the 20-something stages when you’re trying to figure out your place in the world can be unruly, comfortless and dismal.


This past week has been a week full of tests for me. What I mean by tests is that the universe put everything in its power to disrupt my mindfulness and inner peace.

Due to abrupt unforeseen events, I lost my job. Two days earlier I was struck on my passenger side in an intersection in the middle of downtown Portland in Chinatown around 1am, the driver didn’t see anyone coming, and I happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. Having worked both jobs that day feeling exhaustingly sick, as a barista from 6am to 1pm, then rushing to my waitressing job from 2pm to 1am since no one could cover for me. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a car accident. Luckily, she was super sweet and we both ended up tearing up and hugging each other in the middle of the night, both two souls looking for comfort from life, even if we were complete strangers. And I am thankful, because it could have been far worse.

At this point, losing a job that was my main source of income was not ideal. That day, as I turned my burning red face away from my now ‘previous bosses’, cliche rain falling from the dark clouds above, trickling down my even cloudier mind. I managed to hold my tears until I reached the comfort of my door handle of my recently-damaged car with a $60 parking ticket on my windshield, leaving me with an even deeper sense of affliction in the crater of my being. Could anything else possibly go wrong? I realized at that moment, I could rise above my emotions, pretend everything was fine, or I could fully immerse myself in these dismal, raw emotions my body was shaking from, and begin the process of overcoming them with faith that life will get better. I have the strongest emotional support system I could ever ask for. The best of friends, roommate, and family I wouldn’t trade all of the cinnamon rolls in the world for.


However, sometimes it’s not that simple to transfer your emotions to thoughts of logic. I would be lying to everyone if I said I was fine. I am the absolute opposite of fine. In fact, I feel like a failure. The one job that I had to save money for my future endeavors such as graduate school, a new car, and living expenses is gone. How would I be able to afford my apartment in Portland? How was I going to explain this to everyone?

Regardless of my embarrassment and feelings of failure, this job will never reflect my character or change who I am as a person. Resilience and coping skills have never been my strongest traits, but these last few years have changed that. You can ride with the waves, or drown in them. Perspective, perseverance and faith are the key factors to surviving when you’re broken. And broken is okay, feeling broken cloaked in vulnerability are the most beautifully real feelings we can experience as humans before we can understand success and discover pure, divine peace.

That night, I could hardly lift my head from my pillow. I undressed, peeling the clothes from my cold, palmy skin. With a clouded mind, I hazily made my way to my walk-in closet and laid my body onto the neglected piles of clothes that have been begging for my attention to be folded or hung for weeks. I couldn’t feel anything.

The shower continued to pour out of the shower head without caring it wasn’t being used for anything but adding cushion to my electricity bill.

Minutes went by, maybe hours. I couldn’t be sure. I pulled myself from my needy clothes and realized I had one of two options.

  1. I could suppress these emotions, pretend that everything was fine, shower off the day and continue to live my life as the bubbly Brit who never seems to have a care in the world. Wait until the breakdown happens, most likely during a stressful time at work, or during rush hour traffic. Allow the stress to invade my immune system, lose sleep and wait for sickness to seduce my body bed, offering the only comfort in the world. A way to hide through slumber.
  2. Fully immerse myself in my emotions, allow them to flood my blood stream, spread into my veins and let the salty liquid fall from my eyes. Try to understand them. Make peace with them. Find the tools I need to move forward. Taking it one day at a time. Focus on my passions and heal through physical exercise and mindfulness, giving my body time to heal.

I don’t have all the answers. I can only go off of what I have experienced. I wish I had the answer to what would make you feel happier after you lose your job, that completely isolating yourself from the world actually helps. But it doesn’t. Maybe for a short amount of time, sure. But months pass by and my only comfort is the 4 walls of my bedroom with the blinds closed, suppressing feelings such as feeling unlovable, undesirable, lost, and completely dejected, living a life to merely get by, to pay bills, doing what society suggest, living colorless and vapid.


As I said, I don’t have the answers, but the one drive that fills my soul is passion. I love to write, I love to run, find new music, meet new people, read and research, and travel. I know if I am immersing myself in any of these activities that I will no doubt have a smile plastered on my heart soon enough, thanks to resilience.

However, sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to get to your envisioned destination. Nothing is always butterflies and smiles.

Don’t let anyone hush or judge your emotions. Expressing your emotions and fully allowing yourself to figure out what they mean will only help you heal sooner. In fact, I find people who take care of themselves and take the time to be mindful and honest about their feelings are confident and healthier.

To read a beautiful, enlightening article written by a brave, talented friend of mine on her struggle with depression, I recommend reading ‘the girl behind the mask’ here on the link below.

The girl behind the mask

“I think people need to be more open about their flaws and broken parts. Scars tell stories. Scars mean survival. Scars mean you showed up for the fight instead of running from it.

Life requires guts. It requires bravery and courage… It requires vulnerability.

It’s time that we bring mental illness to the table.

#BeVocalSpeakUp | #BreakTheStigma”



Overcoming Monday Blues | Power of Emotions


There are times when it’s best to “suck it up,” “be positive,” and think, “mind over matter.”

There are also times when it’s best not to sugar coat it.

Sometimes Monday’s just suck.


You’ve had a bad day and you feel like crap?

Allow it.

Feel it.

And then rise above it and overcome it.


Other times, it’s more than simply being a Monday.

This Western Civilized culture here in America, tells us that we cannot be depressed or sad for longer than 2 weeks.

According to the DSM IV, If accompanied by feelings of worthlessness and lack of pleasure, lethargy, and sleep and appetite disturbances, then it’s deemed as Major Depressive Disorder.

If symptoms are less severe, but last longer, then you are labeled with Dysthymia.

If both are occurring simultaneously, then it’s Double Depression.

Without getting too educational here, what happens in the brain when we are feeing blue, is that we are getting too much or too little dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the pleasure center of the brain, giving us the ability to experience pleasure, maintain focus, aids in motor function and correlates with dopamine that effects our mood.

There is some overlap between serotonin and dopamine that cannot be ignored as well. Too little of serotonin and too little of dopamine can also be the case. Moreover, it’s more important to look at someones current life experiences, for that can shed light on their depression or sadness more than brain images can. Depression is very subjective and could be caused by trauma, drug abuse, physical abuse, stress and lack of nutrients and sleep, it can be nearly anything. And those who are less resilient than others have a harder time overcoming it.

This video clarifies depression better than I can explain in the biological sense, and of course I think the more we know, the more we can understand and help others.

There is still ongoing research to the connection between dopamine and depression and the various treatments, whether antidepressants are the cure, counseling, or the proper food and exercise that will clear the dark clouds.

The biggest issue in Western Medicine is the treatments, it focuses on suppressing feelings rather than finding the cure for them. Merely a band-aid.

Therefore, I suggest capturing sadness in it’s early stages by paying attention and reaching out when we do notice someone might need help. Let them feel it, go through it, and be a shoulder.


I myself have had a few breakdowns and have allowed myself to vent, only to hear, “Be positive, it will get better…” As feedback.

Sure, I know it will, but what would be even more healing to hear would be, “That sucks.” Or, “I’m sorry you are feeling this way.”

Sometimes there are no words of wisdom we want to hear, we just need an avid listener beside us.

I have chosen to be positive 94% of my life and sometimes, I need to feel upset, allow myself to grieve, be heartbroken, confused, stressed, frustrated, and angry, so I can fully feel it and overcome it.

Society tells us we shouldn’t feel sad for down. Well, I call bull.

Men, and women, we have these deeply rooted emotions for a reason, and although it’s not healthy to be sad for extensive periods, it’s more than okay to feel what you need to feel so you can understand where these feelings are coming from and move on to a clearer, more elevated, secure sense of self.

There is power in these emotions that we physically and mentally endure. And it lies in experiencing them, and understanding them.


There is so much scientists and psychologists know and don’t know about depression, interrelating with the pharmaceutical companies that make trillions of dollars off of people experiencing such hardships, it’s hard to know where the true heart of the matter is. (For more on psychiatric medicine and mental illness in America, I highly suggest reading Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker, pictured above.)


What I think America needs more of, is the allowance of such sadness, to hold on to someone who is feeling dispirited and listen to them and allow them to feel all the emotions they need to without judgement… and sometimes, without the words of advice and positivity. We often don’t truly listen to understand, only listen to reply. The goal is to help these loved ones who are experiencing these feelings before it leads to a deeper, more serious depression.

Be understanding, be kind, and be sad if you need to be, so you can ultimately understand your emotions and move on from the distress, whatever it is you may be experiencing. Good or bad, I promise you, one solitary human emotion doesn’t last forever.


Enjoy Life

enjoy life

Just a little reminder…

To those who are in-between jobs, goals, hardships, financial situations, and/or future life ambitions… this is your TRANSITION phase. Whichever phase you are going through, it will not last forever. Society may have a structured timeline to how all of us should live our lives, education, marriage, a house, a family, but there is no such thing as a structured, set plan for all of us. We are all sacred, unique individuals with extraordinarily different paths, both full of joys and misfortunes.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you should be anywhere than where you are at now. And be understanding and do not judge others who are not where you are.


Live in these “in-between stages,” appreciate the struggle, rejoice in your imperfections and your mistakes, for when you reach your ambitious, well deserved goals, when you full heartedly worked your butt off to get to that place you’ve dreamed about, that will be beautiful. That will be the moment where you truly live.

And although we set these life goals and aspirations, we should always search for the next mission that will ultimately lead us to become better humans. Kinder, smarter, generous, hard working, happy humans.


Always B in Transition to a better you! And don’t forget to live in the now, no matter what stage you may be at.

“All you have to do, is live and die…everything else is optional.”

Your measure of happiness depends on you.


Good Vibes & Smiles

Portland, Oregon waterfrontI’ve had the best opportunity to spend time with my best friend in the hospital these last few days, seeing how strong she is and watching her go through the complications and side effects of chemotherapy and hospitalization, it starts to clear your misconceptions of what “having a bad day” looks like.

As I sit here on my laptop, in the middle of downtown Portland, having nowhere to be and no one to meet, I have this wave of relief running through my entire being, the sun seems a little brighter, music sounds smoother, food tastes like you just bit off a tiny bit of heaven, and you’re not even a teensy bit bothered by the people asking you to sign for some protest or the ones handing out free fliers. In fact, it’s one of those days you might even accept that flyer or even think about signing for that particular cause. Doesn’t mean you will, but the mere thought was huge.

This song alone should instantaneously put you in a happier place :)

These days are honestly the best. Why is it that we don’t notice these normalcies on a daily basis? Is it because we are too busy focused on future stressors, such as work, a meeting, running an errand, or we are constantly in a hurry which prevent us from being in the here and now? It is so simple to notice the good things in life when we are in a good mood. But quite the contrary when we face hardships and sweat the small stuff.

It is normal to feel dark human emotions and let yourself be anything but positive and happy, but I want to encourage all my readers to take a day, an easy day like this Saturday, and do three things that will guarantee put a smile on your face and others.

Saturday good vibes

I’m all about positive vibes and positive lives.

  1. The next person you come in contact with, (waitress, bank teller, parent, friend, stranger) ask how they are doing and compliment them. Genuinely. It could be their physical appearance, what they are wearing, their sincerity, their hair, anything!!! It feels so nice, especially from a stranger to receive a compliment, those are generally the most sincere, especially when a stranger isn’t expected to say anything at all.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths, look in the closest mirror to you, and smile for 60 seconds straight. At first it may seem really silly, and you’ll probably laugh at yourself, because really… you might look pretty goofy. But psychologically proven, studies have shown the “Duchenne smile”, the genuine smile that triggers happy signals to your brain, (even if you are consciously faking the smile) improves mood and reduces stress. And by smiling to others, you produce the mirror neurons in that persons brain to light up as if they were smiling themselves. So, practice smiling in private if you have to! And pass it on :)
  3. The last one is a simple yet a rewarding one. People have asked me if there is anything they can do to help my friend Meg, and guess what?? There is. Take two seconds, donate to my very best friend Megan and help with her fight with Leukemia, all proceeds will go to her, covering medical bills and helping with her wedding this upcoming May, if anyone deserves a dream wedding and a HUGE Duchenne smile, it’s her. Even if it’s $1, or $50, every little bit counts and I cannot begin to tell you how much support and love she’s been shown through this entire process. So for that, infinite thank you’s to everyone!!!

beautiful blonde curls smile water seattle

Cancer Leukemia bald and beautiful with great friends and smiles. Beautiful makeup

Donate here at the link below!

Meg’s Leukemia & Wedding Fundraiser

Cheers, and remember to pass on the smiles and positive vibes. Life’s too short not to :)


Week 3


I want to  first start by uploading my mental thought process and physical change behind my first few days implementing my “fresh new eating plan”.

Boy did I struggle.

 Here is an excerpt I found scribbled on a piece of notebook paper hoping to document the changes.


(of absolutely no processed foods)

Let me set the scene:

It has been.. HADES to say the least. I’ve obviously been through worse… but man, working in a restaurant, with it’s speciality being desserts, cakes and sweet pastry bars, is an experience that has brought a few tears to my taste buds today. End that day with a birthday celebration at a pizzeria with more than 30 people eating pizza all around you while you stick to the salad bar – minus croutons and dressing. I can’t imagine anything worse, personally.


Let that sink in.

Then imagine that gorgeous cheesy, pepperoni smell wafting under your nose while you watch everyone else around you shove it down their throats like the crust was made out of heaven. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but can you blame me?

If I can make it through that, I think I can make it through the rest of the year.

I have officially given up processed foods. What does that mean to the average American human being? Well let’s see here, according to a recent article I found on, it enlightened me that as of 2013, 70 percent of calories in a typical American diet come from processed foods.

What counts as Processed?  “Food that has had anything done to it is processed. This means frozen fruits, bagged salad greens, chopped apples and ground beef are all technically processed foods, not just foods like crackers, chips, frozen dinners and cookies. When experts talk about avoiding processed foods, however, they are often talking about avoiding the more highly processed foods and still including minimally processed foods that don’t contain any additives or ingredients you wouldn’t have in your own kitchen.” (Livestrong)

I am not going to lie, this is going to be one hell of a process, but I’m ready.

As corny as it may be, I want to be the best me I can be, starting from the inside, out.

And no one can decide that except for me.


5 weeks later:

WELL, I’m alive and well to say that month one is over with, and although I am human and had a few cheat meals here and there, I have never felt better being remarkably strict with my meals while exercising daily, and I am continuing with this path!

Stay tuned, keep me motivated and get motivated yourself! Life is to short to live it anything less than healthy and active. You’ve got one body, don’t trash it.

Eating plans coming soon


B In Transition


As most of you know about my previous blog, I decided it was time to start an entirely new one based on where my life is taking me now. I am no longer a nanny in Sydney, Australia or a student at the University of Oregon, nor is my life as flexible for me to travel as much as I used to. I am in that so called stage of the 1/4 life, mid 20’s crises.

Yes, I said it. And everyone would be lying if they said they hadn’t felt it at some point or another. Whether right after college, in between jobs, living situations, financially or in and out of relationships. Well, I am smack dab right in the middle of it all and this blog will mostly be about these humorous, depressing, amazing, crazy adventures we call life.

I am a waitress, a two time job nanny and an eager future graduate student to God who knows which school! I am leaning towards the West Coast, somewhere in San Diego would be idealistic :) but sometimes life doesn’t always take you where you expect and I am learning to be okay with that.

I currently reside with my dad and step mom and am (still) driving my very first car I bought when I was 16 – just to paint a less opaque picture of what my life resembles. It’s all about the transition here, right?

On my days off I try to find a new hike, new waterfall or search for the nearest lake or ocean to clear my head and breathe in the fresh, tree filled, Oregon air. And when I’m not doing that, I am either running, reading, drinking tea or discovering new music.

I am on a new health kick, which I don’t want to call a diet plan, but a healthy living plan because I am keen to implement this type of lifestyle for as long as I possibly can. I believe in mind over matter and most of these posts will be about that, positive psychology, my eating plans, some of my workouts paired with good tunes for inspiration and a few rants here and there when the time permits.

For those that followed me on my last blog, this will be quite similar but with a different environment and me, B. In transition. Which everyone should implement, a transition to a better you, always.