Good Vibes & Smiles

Portland, Oregon waterfrontI’ve had the best opportunity to spend time with my best friend in the hospital these last few days, seeing how strong she is and watching her go through the complications and side effects of chemotherapy and hospitalization, it starts to clear your misconceptions of what “having a bad day” looks like.

As I sit here on my laptop, in the middle of downtown Portland, having nowhere to be and no one to meet, I have this wave of relief running through my entire being, the sun seems a little brighter, music sounds smoother, food tastes like you just bit off a tiny bit of heaven, and you’re not even a teensy bit bothered by the people asking you to sign for some protest or the ones handing out free fliers. In fact, it’s one of those days you might even accept that flyer or even think about signing for that particular cause. Doesn’t mean you will, but the mere thought was huge.

This song alone should instantaneously put you in a happier place :)

These days are honestly the best. Why is it that we don’t notice these normalcies on a daily basis? Is it because we are too busy focused on future stressors, such as work, a meeting, running an errand, or we are constantly in a hurry which prevent us from being in the here and now? It is so simple to notice the good things in life when we are in a good mood. But quite the contrary when we face hardships and sweat the small stuff.

It is normal to feel dark human emotions and let yourself be anything but positive and happy, but I want to encourage all my readers to take a day, an easy day like this Saturday, and do three things that will guarantee put a smile on your face and others.

Saturday good vibes

I’m all about positive vibes and positive lives.

  1. The next person you come in contact with, (waitress, bank teller, parent, friend, stranger) ask how they are doing and compliment them. Genuinely. It could be their physical appearance, what they are wearing, their sincerity, their hair, anything!!! It feels so nice, especially from a stranger to receive a compliment, those are generally the most sincere, especially when a stranger isn’t expected to say anything at all.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths, look in the closest mirror to you, and smile for 60 seconds straight. At first it may seem really silly, and you’ll probably laugh at yourself, because really… you might look pretty goofy. But psychologically proven, studies have shown the “Duchenne smile”, the genuine smile that triggers happy signals to your brain, (even if you are consciously faking the smile) improves mood and reduces stress. And by smiling to others, you produce the mirror neurons in that persons brain to light up as if they were smiling themselves. So, practice smiling in private if you have to! And pass it on :)
  3. The last one is a simple yet a rewarding one. People have asked me if there is anything they can do to help my friend Meg, and guess what?? There is. Take two seconds, donate to my very best friend Megan and help with her fight with Leukemia, all proceeds will go to her, covering medical bills and helping with her wedding this upcoming May, if anyone deserves a dream wedding and a HUGE Duchenne smile, it’s her. Even if it’s $1, or $50, every little bit counts and I cannot begin to tell you how much support and love she’s been shown through this entire process. So for that, infinite thank you’s to everyone!!!

beautiful blonde curls smile water seattle

Cancer Leukemia bald and beautiful with great friends and smiles. Beautiful makeup

Donate here at the link below!

Meg’s Leukemia & Wedding Fundraiser

Cheers, and remember to pass on the smiles and positive vibes. Life’s too short not to :)


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