10 Things To Be Happy About This Friday

1. It’s Friday

Need I say more?

2. Your Health

Take a deep breath, you feel that? You have no breathing issues, no serious illnesses, and you are still alive and well. That’s pretty great.

3. Your Friends and Family

I thank my stars everyday I don’t have to go through life without them. You may not be able to choose your family but they love you more than you know. And as the saying goes, friends are the family you choose for yourself. Choose wisely!

4. The Sun is Shining

It’s been sunny in Portland, Oregon, but regardless of where you are in the world, if it’s raining, snowing, hailing or humid, sunshine is only a state of mind away.

5. You Have a Computer and/or a Phone

The simple fact that you are able to read this very article in the palm of your hands, or through your laptop or iPad makes you a priveledged individual who have access to modernized technology. You lucky dog. Sure, you may not have the iPhone 7.. But if you do have one.. Even luckier!

6. Public Transportation

Whether you have your own vehicle, ride a bike, skate, ride with your mom to work or use public transportation such as train or bus, you have a way of getting around. That’s good stuff.

7. Hygiene

Think back to the 1800’s and how humans only bathed a few times a week.. and that was shared bath water with their entire family. Only the wealthy were able to bathe more often. I mean, the toothbrush wasn’t even invented until 1857, think on that.

Not even the cologne drenched store of Hollister could mask that mess. Dear God, praise Lord for showers and clean teeth!!!

8. Music


I don’t know about you, but this should have been number 1 on my list. Blasting music, windows down in your car, in your room when you’re organizing, or enjoying it live in concert. I believe in music the way people believe in magic. It makes you feel things words can’t and helps life make sense.

9. People Like You

Check your Instagram, your Facebook, your Snapchat, your E-mail, text messages, and look at your friends. Those people wouldn’t waste their time on you for a second if they thought you were a major weirdo. Well, maybe you are bit weird, but we’re all a little weird and that’s what makes life fun!

10. And Apparently

Happiness is good for the soul.

So… be so happy that when people look at you they become happy too!

Have a good weekend everyone!!


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