Positive Things Happen to Positive People


I totaled my car a few weeks back & cracked a cute little rib, so I ordered pizza last night, had heaps of tea and watched meaningful movies on Netflix trying to find an easy fix for comfort from my fuzzy zebra blanket, a hot cuppa and background noise from the television, drowning out the worries and stress bubbling and bouncing from the corners of my brain.

I allowed myself two full days to entirely dip my feelings and baby my emotions, then swallowed my doubts and fears this morning and put my energy into something worthwhile.

I started taking classes to help me prepare for the GRE for graduate school! As long as you’re in transition to improve your life, that’s all that really matters.

And now I’m trying to fit my winter body into some swimmers for new digitals at my agency. I’m smiling because I am happy I’m alive.

Positive things happen to positive people.

And as long as you centralize your dreams and passions, work hard and choose optimism instead of crippling underneath the heavy, formidable, uninviting sadness and fear that seems to linger and reappear at the most inconvenient times, you will be okay.


New year, new experiences and new perspectives. Thank you for everyone who has been there for me, I am so lucky and so loved.


Surrounding yourself with good people, nature, good music, good books and challenge yourself in ways you never thought you could, it’s beautifully refreshing.




2 Replies to “Positive Things Happen to Positive People”

  1. Thank God you are alright. This world needs more positive people like you in it! I always look forward to your words of wisdom as you are one of my ‘Mindfullness Mentors’. Learn something everyday don’t you? ;-)

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