Week 3


I want to  first start by uploading my mental thought process and physical change behind my first few days implementing my “fresh new eating plan”.

Boy did I struggle.

 Here is an excerpt I found scribbled on a piece of notebook paper hoping to document the changes.


(of absolutely no processed foods)

Let me set the scene:

It has been.. HADES to say the least. I’ve obviously been through worse… but man, working in a restaurant, with it’s speciality being desserts, cakes and sweet pastry bars, is an experience that has brought a few tears to my taste buds today. End that day with a birthday celebration at a pizzeria with more than 30 people eating pizza all around you while you stick to the salad bar – minus croutons and dressing. I can’t imagine anything worse, personally.


Let that sink in.

Then imagine that gorgeous cheesy, pepperoni smell wafting under your nose while you watch everyone else around you shove it down their throats like the crust was made out of heaven. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but can you blame me?

If I can make it through that, I think I can make it through the rest of the year.

I have officially given up processed foods. What does that mean to the average American human being? Well let’s see here, according to a recent article I found on Livestrong.com, it enlightened me that as of 2013, 70 percent of calories in a typical American diet come from processed foods.

What counts as Processed?  “Food that has had anything done to it is processed. This means frozen fruits, bagged salad greens, chopped apples and ground beef are all technically processed foods, not just foods like crackers, chips, frozen dinners and cookies. When experts talk about avoiding processed foods, however, they are often talking about avoiding the more highly processed foods and still including minimally processed foods that don’t contain any additives or ingredients you wouldn’t have in your own kitchen.” (Livestrong)

I am not going to lie, this is going to be one hell of a process, but I’m ready.

As corny as it may be, I want to be the best me I can be, starting from the inside, out.

And no one can decide that except for me.


5 weeks later:

WELL, I’m alive and well to say that month one is over with, and although I am human and had a few cheat meals here and there, I have never felt better being remarkably strict with my meals while exercising daily, and I am continuing with this path!

Stay tuned, keep me motivated and get motivated yourself! Life is to short to live it anything less than healthy and active. You’ve got one body, don’t trash it.

Eating plans coming soon


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