Autzen Never Fails

Eugene Oregon Ducks Win The Day Green and Yellow I woke up yesterday to the beautiful text message on my phone saying ‘good news, we got the tickets!’ From my dad. Free (season ticket holder) tickets right by the end zone next to the student section and the band. Almost felt like a student again! I parked my car off Patterson right beside the familiar fraternities and dorms and made our way over the river and through the woods, the oh so familiar walk I’ve made so many times to get to Autzen. I can’t describe the bubbly feeling I got when seeing that huge yellow O peeking out from behind the trees. I hadn’t physically seen this beautiful stadium since graduation and the memories came flooding back within seconds. Tailgates, sorority, friends, pregames, Taylors, student section, football. My dad and I made our way through the crowd down to our seats, close enough to hear the pads crashing together, see the sweat glisten off the players faces and witnessed touchdowns close enough to high 5 the players.

It was not only one of the best games I’ve been to, but to be there with my dad made it that much more worth while. These things don’t happen everyday and I will surely not forget this one anytime soon.

P.s. Thanks dad for taking the time out of your busy schedule to go with me and good luck on your olympic distance triathlon today! Kick butt!!

Dad and daughter college football tickets
duck football game with dad

Happy Sunday everyone and Go Ducks!!


2 Replies to “Autzen Never Fails”

  1. Hey B in Transition!

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Great stuff in here. I just have to ask, though. WHAT IS YOUR SKIN SECRET?! It’s so flawless and clear… Any advice would help!



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