New Years Resolution | Are They Worth It?

A few songs to get your year started off right :)

I am that person that makes a list of New Years resolutions for myself every year.

Planner, Journal, Diary 2015

In the past few weeks I’ve asked several people what their views on New Years resolutions were as a whole. Their responses varied. Many were the typical responses I’ve heard over the years;

Get into shape, eat healthier, drink less, and essentially stick with their resolutions this time.

Others were more educational directed, wanting to finish up their degrees and succeed in school, get good grades.

And then several didn’t believe in New Years resolutions at all.

“New Years resolutions are for lazy people who aren’t motivated for the whole year, it’s stupid.”
“I don’t make them, they never stick.”


Based off of a recent study from the University of Scranton as of 2014, less than 45% of Americans usually make new years resolution goals, and about 8% of them achieve their goals. 8%?!!!

New Years Resolution Statistics

Regardless of your stances on whether or not New Years resolutions are worth pursuing, maybe it’s still worth looking into. And honestly, maybe they get such a bad rap because we are not succeeding in these goals, which makes them easier to dismiss as frivolous aspirations.


Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to get humans involved all together on one day like New Years Eve to think of these goals, dreams and wishes we could all improve on. Therefore, instead of bashing on the resolution junkies who are crowding the gym and clogging up our news feeds with positive, ambitious goals, let’s try this little thing called support.

Less judgey more lovey.

I debated posting some of my own resolutions, but found that most were more personal than I had expected.


The ones I don’t mind sharing are;

  • Try to take public transportation more when I move to Portland
  • Complete the DIY list that is spilling over the pages on my computer desk
  • Buy more locally
  • Learn to knit
  • Save money by using separate accounts, one I never touch unless in absolute emergencies.
  • Build my own research study in emotional health. I want to eventually write a book, but I’m giving myself more time than a year on that one :)
  • And lastly, the area I want to concentrate on most is being more mindful by practicing meditation, read without distractions, stretch, and write more.

The other resolutions I wrote, I prefer to work on more privately. They are one’s that I want to prove to myself in a more discrete matter, and I encourage others to do the same. Often times those are the dreams that are most valuable to your soul, one’s that no one else (or very few) are aware of.


A dear friend of mine, Aalicea, shared her advice on keeping her resolutions, and she couldn’t be more dead on.

“Last year on New Years Eve I wrote down my resolutions in my planner. I made sure they were realistic, attainable, and worth it. I made a few small goals like improve posture and speak with a sweeter tone, and made huge goals like seek adventure and try something new. This year I went back and looked at them and was amazed that I actually completed them. Knowing that I actually followed through with them and succeeded is helping me write my new ones for 2015 with faith that I will keep these ones too. My advice for writing resolutions would be to make sure that they are goals that are meaningful to you because you are more likely to actually complete them.”


My advice… Be authentic. Be genuine. Be real with yourself, and do not set yourself up for failure. Only you know what you can personally achieve, and no one can push you harder than how far you are willing to push yourself. Keep yourself accountable and realize we are all human, we all make mistakes, and that’s why every year grants us a new, fresh start…

So use it!

IMG_0366What are your goals and what’s your advice to keeping them strong all year long?

2015, let’s do it.


2 Replies to “New Years Resolution | Are They Worth It?”

  1. Midway last year, I took a different direction than I intended. I think it was this specific moment when I decided that I didn’t need a new year to start over and I could start anew at any moment, time, or day within the year. I too, am in the post college transition. Turns out, it isn’t easy to defer acceptances for your masters degree. However, it is easy to choose passion. & it was easy to choose the vision that rattles your thoughts, bones, and being. To the point that I realized, if can’t stop thinking or talking about it, I might as well just do it! WHY NOT?! So here I am, midway through the year and my New Years resolutions have changed. My solutions: a vision board and a long term goal and year attained by list (ie: re-launch at Miami Swim Week 2016). You know how important traveling is to me also so I’ve put together a 2015 Travel At A Glance listing all the months and where I’d like to be/ where I have to be during the year (ie: road trip across the states in July for Miami Swim Week 2015, Bali for production in February). I love the idea of New Years Resolutions however, they haven’t been as effective for me in the previous years. I figure setting deadlines for myself forces me to get things done in a timely and efficient manner. My goals for 2015: launch my line, pay half of my car off, get back in shape are the 3 main ones on my list. Love your blog and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!! xx

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