How to Look and Feel Pretty, Naturally


I can’t be the only one here.

Mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds without running into heaps of beautiful models, makeup tutorials, fashion icons and lavish travel websites on the daily. Convincing us that by completing steps 1, 2 and 3, spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products, fragrances, lotions and name brand makeup will bring us one step closer to reaching our #instafamous #makeupgoalz #bodygoals or simply transform us into looking like clones of Kylie Jenner, with the handcrafted contouring, playful pout along with the social media success all tied in with money beauty and fame.


At the tender age of 26, I am starting to notice my late teen, early 20’s glow that seems to be a tad bit harder to maintain than before. All of a sudden, eating an entire pizza by myself, having a few glasses of wine, skipping the gym for a week, or not getting enough z’s really makes a difference in my appearance and mood. The social reminder that I’m not getting enough sleep or perhaps falling off the train of self care (gym, healthy eating, mindfulness) is the ever-so-lovely statement, “Oh wow, you look tired.” In other words, ‘you look like someone who was dragged, kicking and screaming out of hades.’ It’s sweet really, reminding me that not only does my body feel a difference, but others notice on my face sooner than you’d imagine.


Well baby girl, I’m here to tell you the simple steps to looking beautiful, naturally and holistically. And truthfully, it is nothing we haven’t heard before, but occasionally, we need a refresher and a light spritz of Sephora/Ulta/drugstore affordable finds that highlights our already beautiful, genetically predetermined temples.

Internal Beauty

  1. Sleep*
  2. Hydrate
  3. Learn to de-stress*
  4. Meditate*
  5. Exercise
  6. Organize
  7. Eat nutritious meals (your body is a temple, not a rubbish bin)
  8. Socialize
  9. Simplify
  10. Be kind, always*

Sleep | When I don’t get sleep, the people around me seem to suffer the most. 1 in 3 people in America do not get enough sleep. Humans vary in sleep requirements, but most need at LEAST 7 hours of sleep at night to repair the body naturally overnight.“Research has shown lack of sleep is associated with greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and other chronic conditions.”

Sleep repairs the brain, the eyes, hormones, skin, immune system, breathing, the digestive system and more. Prioritize sleep. It’s wildly underrated. Interested in more? What Happens to Your Body While you’re Asleep 

Learn to de-stress| This can be anything from engaging in a favored hobby, going for a run, playing Pokemon Go, removing yourself from a screen, playing football, basketball, having a cup of tea, coffee, reading a book, walking your dog to being fully present wherever you are in that moment. For me, I enjoy making To-Do lists on the daily to help organize my priorities and jumbled thoughts. Reading, running and writing are gratifying for me, clearing my mind and the ability to engage in creativity soothes my overanxious mind and calms the heart.

Meditate | This topic varies in interest, relaxation and religion. My favorite book from Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now, describes being present, and realizing deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Our busy minds are forever thinking about the next step, how to make more money, how to work harder and how to shove more things into our already-daily-packed lives to make us feel more successful, when success is truly being content with your mind, body and soul by reconnecting with the present moment. Even 3 minutes of intentional thinking of absolutely nothing is immensely difficult and surpassingly rewarding.

Be kind, always | True beauty radiates from within. Compassion is so often the solution.


External Beauty

Now that we’ve covered the root of beauty | inner beauty | here are a few affordable finds to highlight your already-beautiful self.

For those that do not know me well, I am a woman of comfort and simplicity. If I can get out of the shower and let my hair air-dry without looking homeless or shower-less, I win! And I often stick to that trend, especially when the summer air dries my beachy waves naturally, chemical free and heat free.

IMG_0335 (1)


Shampoo/Conditioner: Pantene Pro-v, Pureology, or John Frieda $4-$28+

Dry Shampoo: Psssst! for about $7 (Hands down my favorite) or batiste dry shampoo for $6

Curling Spray: John Frieda for loose curls with virtually no frizz and the best smell and flexible hold $6

For hair cut and color: I go to the hair goddess of all time Rylee in Salem, Oregon | The only woman I trust my wild, beachy balayage hair with!

Make Hair Apt Here


Deodorant: Dove advanced care $4.40 that leaves you with moisturized under arms with a soft, feminine aroma.

Perfume: Dolce is my signature scent, again, soft and sensual. Definitely not overpowering at all $70-$160 depending on size.

Body spray/lotion: Victoria Secret Sheer love is a beautiful scent and great moisturizer/body spray. Fresh, fruity, light and happy. Favorite summer smell $10 + depending on size.




I have ALWAYS been a fan of Clinque, their lotions, face wash and makeup line is a high quality brand and affordable. Due to hormone imbalance, my face has had it’s fair share of breakouts, redness and uneven skin. Clique acne solutions soothes and heals acne when applicate and gives a moisturized glow and beautiful coverage $27

BareMinerals has been my favorite powder since I was in high school and their brush promises medium to full coverage depending on preference and never leaves me with an embarrassing makeup line. Whenever I wear it I always get compliments on my skin and how well it matches.



Eyebrows: There is nothing more important than the eyebrows. Especially in 2016. Eyebrows frame the face, and can make a fashionable statement with brows alone. It has taken me many, many months to achieve full brows (thanks to genetics too) and not over plucking. To keep the shape and color, my favorite eyebrow pencil I use DAILY is by Anastasia that is a little bit pricey but lasts me several months and with fleeky brows and an overuse of Snapchat $23

Brow Gel: Maybelline brow gel to hold brows in place $6

For a fresh start on your brows, I recommend Monica Ninh in Portland, Oregon. That woman can do no wrong when it comes to keeping your full shape, waxing, brows and tint!

Make brow appointment here


Better than Sex from Two Faced has been my favorite mascara to date, delivering full, intense lashes that remain soft and put throughout the whole day $23

And when I’m not in the mood to spend over $23 on mascara, Lashblast Volume from Covergirl is a close runner-up at $7.

Eye Shadow

I favor Clinque’s eyeshadows that bring out my hazel eyes, Bareminerals sandy colors are both beautiful, shimmery and very natural $15

Lastly and most importantly, practice self love, confidence and compassion

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside”



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  1. Apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Since a lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems, you have to protect your skin from the sun.

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