The Game

With the trend of cats and the correlation with 20-something's and "singleness" and "alone forever" this picture can be placed right into this bag of this irrational craze. Am I really less desirable than Hitler? I'd like to doubt that. I believe in a mutual craziness and weirdness when finding a person worth pursuing. So this …

B in Transition Tunes

Some tunes just for you, from my personal Spotify playlists xx spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:2AgMoSbPhvQWmTZ7NLEsPz spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:6Cl3xS3t2veCOef1YQVasF spotify:user:bwilcox3:playlist:5mQ53VISXPb8ptIIDWYjHy