9 Things to Do While in Quarantine

1. Walk Outside
All we have is now. Be outside

It is scientifically proven that getting outside is good for your health. From the sunshine vitamin, to improved recovery. Getting outside can help mood, concentration and prevents sedentary movements like… binge watching the Tiger King on Netflix or scrolling on your phone endlessly since it feels like we’re living groundhogs day over and over with more complicated, unresolved implications and devastations for many.

Plus, being outside can help you relax. A study found that people who spent time walking in a forest showed more physical signs of relaxation, including lower blood pressure and lower amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone, compared to when they walked in cities.

Where to walk since we’re quarantined?: Stand in your backyard, your front porch, or even better, a park or open trail near your city. It’s time to feel more awake, more energized and more present, in the safest way possible.

2. Puzzle or Board Game
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Ah, a family pastime. When was the last time you put together a puzzle or played a board game with your family/partner or quarantine buddy? I’ve definitely seen my newsfeed filled with a few puzzle masterpieces put together, and it’s a great idea.

Here’s why:

  • Improved memory
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning
  • Increased IQ
  • Delay Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Improved Mood
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Increased Attention to Detail
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Collaboration

Here are a few other puzzles to get you through social distancing 19 Best Puzzles To Help You Stay Sane Right Now

3. Movie Night
Netflix, movie night on Pinterest

And make it real. Grab the popcorn, wine, or favorite sparkling bevvy. Set up the fort in the living room, grab all the blankets and pillows and turn up the volume. Turn your phone on silent (like you’re really at the movie theaters) and enjoy the show.

Tip to make this night even better: Order from your favorite local takeout restaurant so you don’t have to cook, while simultaneously supporting small businesses in your town. Pizza from Basil + Board, Burgers from Bo & Vine, Thai from Tup Tim Thai, Tacos from Azul’s, the options are endless. Here is the current google spreadsheet that is constantly updated for what is open here in Salem:

Salem Eats Spreadsheet

4. Read, or Listen to an Audiobook
read-book-gif – Olivia's Catastrophe

You can sign up for audiobook 30-day trial (which… why wouldn’t you right now!) or go through Scribd which also has a 30-day trial. Or, uou could read the old fashioned way – from a real printed book!

Science Backed Benefits of Reading a Real Book:

  • It increases intelligence
  • Boosts brain power
  • Makes you more empathetic
  • Flipping pages can help you understand what you’re reading
  • May help fight Alzheimer’s
  • Can help you relax
  • Reading before bed can help you sleep
  • Reading is contagious
5. Take a Free Course Online!!

This might sound like a snooze fest to some of you, but when I heard on the news that Ivy League schools online were offering free courses right now, I immediately went into research mode.

I found coursera.org or classcentral.com to have all the information on how to sign up. Princeton, Harvard, University of Berkeley, Yale and more, are all offering free courses. That’s amazing, and I’m into it.

6. Make a Recipe You’ve Never Made

I won’t even pretend. I am not a chef by any means. But I think that’s where the fun comes in, learning with no pressure of time.. or maybe its the limited options to eat out?? Either way, let’s embrace it and learn to get creative and messy in the kitchen! I’ll keep it beginner friendly that my hubby and I have recently made.. (AKA SUPER EASY!)

Instant Pot Beef Stew

Beef Stew Recipe on Pinterest
Click on the image for the Pinterest recipe!

Sheet Pan Cookies

My stepmom made these for a family birthday, back when we used to be able to hangout with people.. but anyways, had to make these for myself, they are so good and it’s so much easier to cook the entire batch at once too. Plus, who doesn’t love the warm, beautiful smell of cookies in their home?

Sheet Pan Cookies Recipe on Pinterest
7. Spring Cleaning
Mudik Tips: 6 Packing hacks inspired by Marie Kondo - Blog

I just keep hearing Cardi B singing Coronavirussss!

But seriously… Spring is approaching and now is the time more than ever to be diligent on getting your safe haven clean, organized and comfortable to live in.

Here are some great cleaning ideas that are easy to overlook, such as your HVAC system, deep cleaning your fridge, ceilings, door mats, you name it. Now let’s get to it! And then light a candle when you’re finished, and enjoy your fresh space.


8. DIY Projects!
DIY letter making

There are heaps of DIY projects out there. Here are a few ideas that I will be partaking in:

  1. Paint a Room: My husband and I decided not only to paint a room, but to renovate our entire unfinished downstairs basement. Meaning… add a bed, bathroom, living space and kitchenette. We are in the process of getting the plumbing in and an egress window installed while we have extra time on our hands. Some of these things are obviously going to be hard to do during this quarantine time, but the hardware stores are still open for a quick paint pickup. Get home, tape the ceilings and prep the floors, voila, brand new room!
  2. Propgate a plant: Make more plants with your plant! Found a great website on Pinterest that tells you just how to do that – How to Propagate Plants in Water
  3. Write a letter: To a family member, friend or stranger. Social distancing at it’s finest. And how beautiful is it to get something in the mail rather than junk mail or bills? This website has the cutest ideas for how to write a letter (artistically/creatively) and has some great inspo.
9. Get to know your partner better
Weird concept. I know. But here are a few ideas for how to take advantage of this time at home together
  • Enneagram test. Think of it as a personality test, but more detailed. The Enneagram test describes personality in terms of nine types, each driven by their own set of core emotions, fears, and beliefs. There are 105 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Not only will you get to understand your own personality better, but help you understand your partners too and how you can learn to work together more fluidly.

My favorite websites to try this for free are Truity.com and Eclectic Energies

*I also have some of my favorite enneagram accounts I follow on instagram if anyone is wanting to follow them too, leave me a comment below and I will hook you up for sure!

  • Ask each other these questions:
Deep questions to get to know your partner

Put away your phones/TV/any distractions and have a date night. It could be making a recipe together, going on a walk, playing a card game or play “would you rather” in the backyard while you look at the stars. Because if not now, when?

So What does this all really mean?

For those that have questions with what “Social Distancing,” “Quarantine” or “Self-Isolation” really means and when to do them… this is an excellent source to look into, informative and educational!

Social Distancing, Quarantines and Isolation – What they mean and when to do them

What have you all been doing at home? If anyone is in need of resources and cannot seem to find help, please reach out. If I cannot be of assistance, I will help guide you to someone who can be. We are all in this together.

Stay safe, be smart and remember, this is all temporary. As is life.



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